To fancy is free

18 May

Oh, but for the price!

What I do need is something I could write on, and I’m not talking about paper. Writing in a notebook has me too self-conscious about my handwriting, whether the letters are too big or too small, too squiggly or too rigid, and such. I could easily waste an hour quibbling about ink color, thinking that black’s bland and yet blue’s outlandish. An hour wastes away easily.

A computer could save me the trouble, for sure, but my laptop Cordelia won’t do. Starting it up takes ages. It’s new, not even a year old, but I think Vista is simply too much weight on the shoulders of Cordelia’s single-core processor. By the time it’s up and ready to fly, I’m already a deflated balloon waiting for someone to take pity and pick me off the floor to throw in the trash.

What I need is something quick to set up and which could later transfer my work to my computer for further editing and backup.

An iPod Touch is what I’m considering right now. Besides, with an app like Stanza installed, it is also an e-book reader. Getting an iPod Touch would save me the cost of buying a Kindle, which cannot edit documents. If I’d want to read Kindle books, the Kindle app from Amazon would let me.

There may not be a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPod Touch anytime soon, but I can live with the touchscreen keyboard set to landscape, I think.

Another alternative is dual-booting Vista with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. When I need to start Cordelia up quickly, I could then boot in Ubuntu. The UNR based on Lucid Lynx has been released. Ubuntu Light also looks promising, but the full version’s not out yet.

A screenshot of Ubuntu Light

Putting my money on the iPod Touch means saying goodbye to more or less 20,000 pesos.

Now that’s something to ponder on.

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